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I thought that, just maybe.., writing in English will help to get read of dumb comments, which are of plenty on this site.

I'd like to comment Rubin game: We lost the sharpness and confidence. I think has a lot to do with not having any really good offencive players. I would suggest to get rid of Pogrebnjak. Please pay somebody to take him. The guy prefer to fall before the box in the last minutes of the game just not to go one on one and have a chance. He is probably afraid to even have chances and screw them up, pathetic!!! He needs a shot of adrenaline before the game and please stop running as an idiot displaying that you are active, nobody buys that... Zenit needs new players ASAP or we are toasted and bound to be in the first 6-7, thats all...
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  • Gwynbleidd
    25.07.2009 в 09:52
    Я б ответил, но по английски это будет долго.
  • punkfanta
    25.07.2009 в 10:28
  • Alana
    26.07.2009 в 03:20
    It's an old story/// There are too much conversations about Pogrebnjak. Everybody had knew the quality of his game for 6 month ago.
  • Blumi
    26.07.2009 в 05:56
    Pogrebnyak - wooden......We need the new trainer, which will buy the players under itself...
  • Blumi
    26.07.2009 в 06:05
    ...this is my opinion. Can Advokat itself will go to Belgium...before the end of the contract?
  • VladSixpack
    26.07.2009 в 12:23
    There is not much point talking about Mr Pogrebniak, we have to focus on who we might buy during transfer window.
  • arlick
    26.07.2009 в 12:46
    Why English Only? There are many different languiges! Try Chinees, as example/
  • DKiddo
    26.07.2009 в 03:51
    天頂点 - 優勝者!
  • лплл
    27.07.2009 в 01:13
    Oll good very nice)))))))))))